Cleaning your Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers will need cleaning from time to time. Over time dust can make them look dull and drab. However, if chandeliers are dusted regularly with a feather duster or similar, they will not need cleaning for up to a year. Frequency of cleaning will depend on the chandelier's location, shape and type of crystals.

Here are a few methods of cleaning your chandelier:

1. Traditional Method:

This includes taking your chandelier apart - please first make a diagram to ensure you get it back togethether exactly right, first time.

Quick tip: Dusting first cuts down polishing later.

Lay a folded towel over the bottom of your bowl and half fill with a solution of lukewarm water with a small amount of washing up liquid and a small amount of white vinegar. Agitate the water to form suds. Lay a folded towel over a second bowl and half fill with warm clean water and a little ammonia for extra sparkle, if you wish. Alternatively methylated spirit can be added to the rinse water which increases sparkle and decreases smears. Wash each crystal piece in the soapy water and rinse off in the clear water.

When the arms have been bared, wash and rinse these also. Do not forget to dust each light bulb.

Replace the crystal working from the inside to the outside and giving each one a quick polish with a lint-free cloth (we suggest paper towels, newspaper or microfiber cloths available from either the automotive or household cleaning departments of many stores).

2. To clean your chandelier without taking it apart:

(i) This involves working off a ladder or safe platform. Lay a drip cloth under the chandelier to catch any drips. Half fill a small container with your favourite glass cleaner and lower each crystal or patch of crystals into it, keeping it immersed for at least 30 seconds. Do not turn your chandelier round as you work. Keep the fixture stationary whilst you move around it.

(ii) Again working off a safe platform, spray glass cleaner onto a lint free cloth and polish each crystal carefully. This method does not work for smaller crystal chains.

(iii) Use a special crystal chandelier cleaner if preferred. Always remember to follow the instructions on the bottle!

We recommend that you lay a duvet or thick quilt under the chandelier before removing any crystals or when working on a chandelier without taking it apart, in case any pieces accidently fall.